Relaxed performances

Throughout the tour each year Giffords Circus puts on ‘relaxed’ performances…

But what is a relaxed performance?

Relaxed performances are perfect for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment – including those with an autism spectrum condition, dementia or learning disability.

What we do differently to a regular circus show…

·         you can make noise during the show (although being at the circus is usually quite a noisy affair!)

·         you can come and go as you please, we keep the entrances to the tent open
the lights in the audience will be up so that it’s not too dark

·         there are less audience members, so you have more space than a regular show

·         if you need a break there are chill out areas in the front of house with toys and games
we make small changes to the lights and sound so that the performance is more accessible if you have sensory sensitivities and less ‘surprises’

·         The show remains the same, the same music and acts and of course mischief and mayhem.

 The dates for the relaxed shows in 2021 are:

Tuesday, 21st September 2021, 11am at Fennells Farm, Stroud, GL6 7NE