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Tweedy’s Treasure Hunt

May 26th 2021

The Giffords Circus goblins have hand forged* some very unique The Hooley coins and there are only a few in existence. The coins are so special that they will not be sold in our shop, instead Tweedy the leprechaun will be hiding them at the end of rainbows and around the grounds that we are visiting on our 2021 tour. We will also hide them in some of the places of interest that were included on The Hooley map sent to all on our mailing list in 2020 (also available to buy in our shop).

Tweedy’s Treasure Hunt is inspired by tales of director Cal McCrystal’s childhood visits to his grandfathers house in Ireland…

“When I was a child in Ireland, visits to my grandfather’s house always stretched my imagination. Before our arrival he would poke coins into cracks in old stone walls, and then tell us later as we walked past them that this was the place the faeries hid their pennies. All Irish people are brought up on stories of dragons, goblins, elves, banshees and leprechauns, we take our faerie tales very seriously.”

You don’t need a map to take part, we will leave picture clues on social media so make sure you follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook to see them, they won’t be buried and please be mindful of your impact when you visit the beautiful and sacred places that they will be hidden in. We positively encourage you to visit the places where they will be hidden, learn about them and enjoy them.

*ok, so they’re not actually hand forged by our goblins but if we allowed them to smelt as a hobby they probably would!